Taste processing plays a critical role in feeding behavior and body weight regulation. This session will highlight research from both humans and mechanistic animal models revealing novel gustatory mechanisms that are relevant to obesity. Presentations will include data on the role of low-calorie sweeteners and ‘fat taste’ in mediating ingestive behavior and body weight, as well as novel findings on the role of salivary proteins in regulating taste and feeding.

This session was jointly produced by The Obesity Society (TOS) and Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB).

3:30pm Not All Low Calorie Sweeteners Have the Same Effects on Appetite, Intake, and Body Weight
Richard Mattes, MPH PhD RD
4:00pm Dietary/Metabolic Influences on Gustatory Glucosensing
Lindsey Schier, PhD
4:30pm Influences of Salivary Proteins on Taste and Feeding
Ann-Marie Torregrossa, PhD