Despite increased emphasis on the importance of developing culturally tailored interventions, many questions remain about the best way to prevent and treat obesity in ethnically diverse populations. Examining the environmental context is often critical to understanding health disparities in obesity and informing treatment. Understanding the impact of the environment on obesity development builds compassion, reduces stigma and assists with the selection of more appropriate treatment strategies. This symposium will provide a discussion of the environmental factors providers should consider when working with patients from racially ethnically diverse populations, and will provide concrete, evidence-based strategies for working with diverse patients to help them increase physical activity and lose weight. Presenters will share their best practices on how to engage with community members to develop culturally tailored interventions.

This session was jointly produced by The Obesity Society (TOS) and Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM).

1:30pm Physicians Should Care About Their Patients’ Zip Codes: Neighborhood Influences on Health
Akilah Dulin, PhD
2:00pm Strategies for Increasing Physical Activity in Adults from Ethnically Diverse Backgrounds
Scherezade K Mama, DrPH
2:30pm To Maximize the Reach and Impact of Obesity Prevention and Treatment for African-American Populations
Monica L Baskin, PhD