Data suggests the epidemic of adolescent and adult obesity may be propagated and enhanced at a very early stage in life, yet the reasons for this are unclear. Is it hormones, epigenetics or the microbiome that lead to intergenerational obesity? Can comorbidities arising from antenatal obesity be altered through weight-related interventions? How much does nutrition over an infant’s first 1000 days impact their long-term weight and health status? Come and learn from the experts in this one-of-a-kind presidential session about the mechanisms, implications, and interventions for the prevention of intergenerational obesity.

3:00pm Early Life Environment and the Development of Obesity: Mechanistic Insights From Animal Models
Teresa M Reyes, PhD
3:30pm Obesity and Its Implications on Fertility
Richard Legro, MD
4:00pm Can Antenatal Interventions Reduce Excessive Gestational Weight Gain in Mothers With Preconception Obesity? A Summary of the LIFE Moms Consortium Data
Leanne M Redman, PhD FTOS
4:30pm Nutrition Policies for the First 1,000 Days - Evidence Supporting the Upcoming USDA 2020 Guidelines
Andrew A Bremer, MD PhD