Whilst the continued rise in the number of people living with obesity, and the challenges this presents, are being discussed by governments and policymakers worldwide, there remains a need to identify policy parameters that demonstrate a significant impact on reducing the number of people living with the disease.

This panel debate, hosted by the Obesity Engagement Policy Network (OPEN), invites renowned experts in obesity, advocacy, policy and science to discuss how to effectively advocate for policy change and more specifically what could be done to address current challenges in obesity.

The panel will focus on the current gaps in obesity management and explore, from a policy perspective, how to drive change in the way people with obesity around the world are viewed, supported and cared for.

Come and join this inspiring conversation to gain insights on potential policies that could more effectively support appropriate management of people with obesity worldwide and find out how you can help make a difference.

This event is an official TOS Annual Meeting Preconference presented at ObesityWeek 2019. The event is free, but you must register in advance through ObesityWeek registration. Space is limited.

Sponsored by The Obesity Policy Engagement Network (OPEN). OPEN is a partnership of leading international obesity organizations including The Obesity Society, The European Association for the Study of Obesity, World Obesity Federation, and Obesity Action Coalition, as well as Novo Nordisk.

OPEN seeks to support greater collaboration between different national policy advocates from around the world including clinicians, payers, economists, politicians and patients. The aim is to support the identification and implementation of measures and policies that better address current challenges and barriers surrounding obesity management and the support given to people living with obesity.