The TOS opening session will present highlights from the past year, recognition of the various TOS award winners, and a panel discussion focused on the issues surrounding lifestyle interventions in the treatment of pediatric obesity. We are living in a high stakes and polarizing climate where people are quick to pick a side and outrage reins king. The treatment of childhood obesity is not exempt, as highlighted by the recent media attention surrounding this topic with some calls to abandon weight management efforts for children altogether. This panel discussion is geared towards physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, psychologists, other health care providers, and researchers interested in the evidence behind childhood obesity treatment. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the pros and cons of currently available behavioral, pharmacotherapy, and surgical options for youth and highlight up and coming therapies. They will tackle head-on the hypothesis that engaging in childhood obesity treatment will lead to eating disorders among youth.

5:15pm Welcome
Steven B Heymsfield, MD FTOS
5:25pm Presentation of Awards
Steven B Heymsfield, MD FTOS
6:00pm This begins the CME portion of the session.
6:00pm It’s Not the Time to Fold: Effects of Pediatric Lifestyle Interventions on Health Behaviors and Obesity-related Factors
Michelle Cardel, PhD MS RD FTOS
6:05pm Hold ‘em or Draw? Pharmacological Treatment in Adolescents With Obesity
Ania Jastreboff, MD PhD
6:10pm Let’s Hold and Take Stock: Impact of Dieting, Within Pediatric Obesity Treatment, on Psychological Wellbeing
Hiba Jebeile, APD MND
6:15pm Panel Discussion / Q&A
Michelle Cardel, PhD MS RD FTOS; Ania Jastreboff, MD PhD; Hiba Jebeile, APD MND