Join the Early Career Committee for its annual FREE gathering for Early Career Investigators. This annual gathering provides the opportunity to network with Early Career investigators, speak to individuals that just completed their early career stage, and learn from established Obesity researchers. This year’s event will feature a keynote presentation by Dr. Barbara Corkey, a Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry at Boston University school of Medicine. Based on her more than 25 years of experience in obesity research, Dr. Corkey has mentored numerous early career junior faculty and graduate students. Dr. Corkey will provide guidance towards early and long-term success as a researcher. Next, you will have the opportunity to engage a panel of peers that have successfully navigated the difficult decision of choosing a direction once you finish your dissertation. The featured topic is whether to remain at the same institution, switch institutions, or pursue a path outside of traditional academia. The panel discussion is also open to other pressing topics for Early Career investigators. Lastly, conferences are about networking, and you will receive the opportunity to network with peers and established researchers in a friendly, judgment free environment. We hope you join us for our annual event!