8:30am T-OR-LB-2091 Changes in Diet Quality and Intake After Intermittent or Continuous Energy Restriction
Authors: Felicia L Steger, MS RD; Joseph E Donnelly, EdD; Debra K Sullivan, PhD RD
Presenter: Felicia L Steger, MS RD
9:45am T-OR-LB-2092 Mobile Engagement Behaviors Associated With Sustained 15% Weight Loss
Authors: Rojin Safavi, MS; Sheryl Haller; Ann Lih; Zariyah Isaq; Mohammed Rami Bailony, MD
Presenter: Mohammed Rami Bailony, MD
9:00am T-OR-LB-2093 Effect of Eccentric Training on Functional Performance 2-6 Months After Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Jordan B Jones; Joshua Kelley; Chance E Rummler, BS; Dalton L Braathen; Jacob G Mabey; Lance E Davidson, PhD
Presenter: Jordan B Jones
9:15am T-OR-LB-2094 Long-Term Opioid Use Following Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Matthew L Maciejewski, PhD; Valerie A Smith, PhD; Theodore SZ Berkowitz, MSc; David E Arterburn, MD MPH; Katharine A Bradley, MD; Maren K Olsen, PhD; Chuan-Fen Liu, PhD; Luke M Funk, MD MPH; James E Mitchell, MD
Presenter: James E Mitchell, MD
9:30am T-OR-LB-2095 The Philadelphia Beverage Tax: Changes in Beverage Prices and Purchases at Independent Stores
Authors: Sara N Bleich, PhD; Hannah Lawman, PhD; Michael LeVasseur, PhD; Jiali Yan, MS; Nandita Mitra; Caitlin Lowery; Ana Peterhans; Sophia Hua, MPH; Laura Gibson
Presenter: Sara N Bleich, PhD
8:45am T-OR-LB-2096 Are We Ready for 250 Million Adults With Severe Obesity?
Authors: Tim Lobstein, PhD; Rachel Jackson Leach, MSc; Jaynaide SK Powis, MPH; Jennifer Logue, MBChB MRCP FRCPath MD; Olivia Barata Cavalcanti, PhD MPH MIA; William H Dietz, MD PhD FTOS; Louise A Baur, AM FAHMS; Ian D Caterson, MBBS PhD FRACP
Presenter: Jaynaide SK Powis, MPH