Learners will be able to:

-Define, discuss and solve specific challenges in the treatment of people with obesity, obesity-related and metabolic diseases and conditions -Describe the development and use of new techniques to achieve weight loss by surgery in obese patients -Discuss strategies to help patients with failed weight loss or weight regain -Identify creative options for patient follow up and monitoring

1:30pm A106 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease In Patients With Severe Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes One Year After Sleeve Gastrectomy Or Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass. A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Authors: Jolanta JL Lorentzen, MD; Asle W. W Medhus, MD PhD; Jens K Hertel, PhD; Tor-Ivar Karlsen, MD; Heidi Borgeraas, Phd; Rune Sandbu, PhD; Marius Svanevik, MD; Dag Hofsø, MD PhD; Joran Hjelmesaeth, prof dr.med; Birgitte BS Seip, MD phd
Presenter: Jolanta JL Lorentzen, MD
Discussant: Richard Peterson, MD MPH FACS FASMBS
1:50pm A107 Association Between Weight Loss And Serum Biomarkers With Risk Of Incident Cancer In The Longitudinal Assessment Of Bariatric Surgery Cohort
Authors: Andrea M Stroud, MD MS; Elizabeth N Dewey, MS; Bruce M Wolfe, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Andrea M Stroud, MD MS
Discussant: Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
2:10pm A108 Does Bariatric Surgery Prevent Cancer In The Obese Population? A Nationwide Case-Control Analysis
Authors: Camila Ortiz Gomez, MD; David Romero Funes, MD; Juliana Henrique, MD; Joel S Frieder, MD; David Gutierrez Blanco, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD PhD; Samuel Szomstein, MD; Raul Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Raul Rosenthal, MD
Discussant: Samer Mattar, MD FASMBS
2:30pm A109 The Prevalence Of Thrombophilia Disorder In A Diverse Group Of Patients Seeking Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy; Utilizing Extended Chemoprophylaxis To Decrease The Rate Of Portal Vein Thrombosis Postoperatively
Authors: Manish Parikh, MD; Eduardo Somoza, MD; Ajay K Chopra, MD Dip. ABOM FASMBS; Danielle Friedman, MD; Patricia Chui, MD PhD; Julia Park, MD; Akuezunkpa Ude Welcome, MD; John K Saunders, MD
Presenter: Manish Parikh, MD
Discussant: Vivek Prachand, MD
2:50pm A110 Efficacy Of Liposomal Bupivacaine Versus Bupivacaine In Port Site Injections On Postoperative Pain Within Enhanced Recovery After Bariatric Surgery (Erabs) Program; A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Authors: Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS; Aaron Lloyd, MPH; morgan McGrath; Ariel Shuchleib Cung, MD; Ikemefuna Akusoba, MD; Alice Jackson, RN; Daniel Swartz, MD; Keith B Boone, MD FASMBS FACS; Kelvin Higa, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Pearl Ma, MD FACS FASMBS
Discussant: Farah A Husain, MD FACS FASMBS
3:10pm Adjourn