Learning Objectives

After attending this symposium, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify the spectrum of modalities that can be used in Tele-Health, and a variety of different ways that these modalities can be employed.
  2. Appreciate both the advantages and potential drawbacks or challenges of using tele-health modalities.
  3. Start thinking about ways to incorporate Tele-Health into their practices.
  4. Understand the complexities of billing for Tele-Health services.

10:30am Intorduction
Stephanie Sogg, PhD; Kunoor Jain-Spangler, MD
10:35am The New "Doc In A Box" - How Physicians are Incorporating Tele-Health Into Their Practices
Wayne English, MD
11:00am Pre-op Psychology Evaluations from The Comfort of Your Own Couch
Stephanie Sogg, PhD
11:25am Social Media That Matters - Using Tele-Health for Support Groups
Ninoska Peterson, PhD
11:50am Show Me The "Virtual" Money - Billing and Tele-Health Services
Angela Fitch, MD
12:15pm Q&A