This session will survey emerging mechanistic pathways linking the relationship between socioeconomic related factors, energy balance, and the development of obesity. You will learn about the causal impact of income change on child BMI and the effects of an experimentally manipulated social status condition on adolescent physical activity. We will also explore the role of resilience and social support in attenuating these effects. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the complex underpinnings of social determinants of health on obesity-related outcomes.

3:30pm A Natural Experiment to Determine the Impact of Increased Economic Resources on Weight-related Health and Community Resources
Jessica Jones-Smith, PhD MPH
4:00pm Objective and Subjective Social Status and It's Impact on Physical Activity
Alexandra M Lee, BS
4:30pm Neighborhood Resilience and Social Support in Obesity-Related Outcomes
Akilah Dulin, PhD