Overview and Target Audience:

SADI-S is a new and promising procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity. Since its recent approval by both international societies, we will explore the current data on SADI-S. Additional time will be spent looking at its use in revisional operations of both the sleeve and the gastric bypass. Controversies that will be covered include GERD/Barrett’s, choosing the correct common channel length/ sleeve size and when it is not appropriate to perform a SADI-S. Finally, the course will look at technical aspects of the procedure using videos to illustrate (and hopefully avoid) potential problems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the SADI-S’s role in the treatment of primary bariatric patients
  2. Understand the SADI-S‘s role in the treatment of revisional bariatric patients
  3. Understand the learning curve for SADI-S and how to avoid the complications that early adopters faced.

8:00am Current Data SADI
Corrigan McBride, MD
8:05am Development of SADI-S
Antonio Torres, MD PhD FACS
8:20am Does the Roux Matter? A Comparison of Weight loss Outcomes
8:35am Short and Mid term nutritional outcomes
8:50am Short and Mid term Comoribidity resolution
Laurent Biertho, MD
9:05am Short and Mid term complications
Mitch Roslin, MD
9:20am Closing Question and Answer
9:30am Break
10:00am Basic Science and Controversies with DS
Mitch Roslin, MD
10:05am Glycemic Control and SADI-S
Vivek Prachand, MD
10:20am Gastric Bypass failure distalization vs SADI-S ?
Bleu Schniederjan, M.D. F.A.C.S. F.A.S.M.B.S
10:35am GERD and SADI/DS
Monique Hassan, MD FACS
10:50am What to do about Sleeve failure?
Daniel Cottam, MD
11:05am How long should we make the common channel?
Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS
11:20am ERAS and SADI-S
Peter Ng, MD
11:35am Contraindications and SADI-S
11:45am Closing Question and Answer
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Linx vs hiatal hernia repair in the setting of reflux after SIPS and Sleeve
Darren Peterson, MD
1:35pm Treatment of Leaks from DI and Duodenal Stump
Dana Portenier, MD
1:50pm The use of the ligamentum Teres for GERD after DS/SADI
Michel Gagner, MD
2:05pm How to introduce SADI-S to your practice
F. Terive Duperier, MD
2:20pm Nutritional Supplementation and SADI-S
Sharon Zarabi, RD CDN CPT
2:35pm SADI-S vs OAGB
Helmuth Billy, MD
2:50pm Closing Question and Answer
3:00pm Break
3:45pm Handsewn DI- Video
Bo Neichoy, MD
3:55pm Stapled DI--Video
Peter Ng, MD
4:05pm Handsewn DI- Video
Josh Roller, MD
4:15pm Handsewn-Robot- Video
Walter Medlin, MD
4:25pm Handsewn
Daniel Cottam, MD
4:35pm Common Channel Lengthening
Mitch Roslin, MD
4:45pm GBP to DS
Helmuth Billy, MD
4:55pm Portal Vein Injury
Daniel Cottam, MD
5:05pm Closing Discussion
5:30pm Adjourn