3:05pm A312 Omentopexy During Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Is It Effective In Reducing Postoperative Gastrointestinal Symptoms
Authors: Salman Al Sabah, MD; Mohannad AlHaddad; Abrar AlAtwan; Talal AlKhadher; Rawan Elabd, MD; Iman Qadhi, MD
Presenter: Salman Al Sabah, MD
3:11pm A313 Does Pre-Operative Hba1C Correlate With Post-Operative Rate Of Complications After Bariatric Surgery?
Authors: Amit Thour, MBBS; Raman D Krimpuri, MD MBA; Jeffrey Claridge, MD; Charles Thomas, BA; Eileen L Seeholzer, MD MS; Sergio J Bardaro, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Amit Thour, MBBS
3:17pm A322 Comparing Post-Operative Nausea And Vomiting After Bariatric Surgery Using A Shortened Version Of A Validated Questionnaire
Authors: Shaina R Eckhouse, MD; Benjamin W Domingue, PhD; Dawn M Freeman, RN; Katherine Henslee, FNP; Belinda Henriksen, MSN ACNP-BC; Ashley Waldrop, RN CBN; Jayme Sparkman, ANP-BC; J. Christopher Eagon, MD; Arghavan Salles, MD PhD
Presenter: Shaina R Eckhouse, MD
3:23pm A323 Repair Of Post-Bariatric, De-Novo Hiatal Hernias Improves Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Regurgitation, And Food Intolerance (Barf Syndrome).
Authors: Adam Golas, MD; John Paul Gonzalvo, DO; Jay Jorge; Michel Murr
Presenter: Jay Jorge
3:29pm A324 The Impact Of Bariatric Surgery On Health Care Costs: Six-Year Results From A Canadian Bariatric Surgery Cohort Study
Authors: Laurie Twells, PhD; Kendra Lester, MSc Phd(C); Carla Dillon, BSc PharmD; Don MacDonald, PhD; Hensley Hubert Mariathas, PhD; Alicia Taylor, PhD(c); Dave Pace, MD MBA
Presenter: Laurie Twells, PhD
3:35pm A326 Evaluate The Efficacy Of Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery: Among Adolescents With Severe Obesity
Authors: Mohit Bhandari, MD; Mathias A Fobi, MD; Winni Mathur, BPT MBA(HA); SUSMIT KOSTA, PHD
Presenter: Mohit Bhandari, MD
3:40pm Adjourn