3:30pm T-OR-2049 Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes: Current Evidence on Prices, Sales, Consumption and Revenues
Authors: James Krieger, MD MPH
Presenter: James Krieger, MD MPH
3:45pm T-OR-2050 Nutrition Composition and Price Incentives Among Children’s Meals in Large US Chain Restaurants
Authors: Caroline G Dunn, PhD RD; Kelsey A Vercammen, MSc; Johannah Frelier, MPH; Alyssa J Moran, ScD MPH RD; Sara N Bleich, PhD
Presenter: Caroline G Dunn, PhD RD
4:00pm T-OR-2051 Changes in Food and Physical Activity Environments Over Time Lead to Changes in Children’s BMI
Authors: Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, PhD RD; Francesco Acciai, PhD; Kristen Lloyd, MPH; Derek DeLia; Robin DeWeese, PhD RDN; David Tulloch; Michael J Yedidia, PhD
Presenter: Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, PhD RD
4:15pm T-OR-2052 School Food and Beverage Availability, Child Diet and Obesity: Evidence From a Natural Experiment
Authors: Andrea S Richardson, PhD MPH; Nancy S Nicosia, PhD; Madhumita Ghosh Dastidar, MA PhD; Ashlesha Datar, PhD
Presenter: Andrea S Richardson, PhD MPH
4:30pm T-OR-2053 Identifying Geographic Differences in Sugar Sweetened Beverage Intake Using Health System Data
Authors: Deepak Palakshappa, MD; Kristin M Lenoir; Callie L Brown, MD MPH; Joseph Skelton, MD MS; Jason Block, MD; Candice E Taylor Lucas, MD MPH FAAP; Kristina Lewis, MD MPH SM
Presenter: Deepak Palakshappa, MD
4:45pm T-OR-2054 Can Healthy Corner Stores Be Sustained Over Time?
Authors: Robin DeWeese, PhD RDN; Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, PhD RD
Presenter: Robin DeWeese, PhD RDN