10:15am T-OR-2007 Weight Status and Anxiety in Youth: The Roles of Teasing and Internalization of Appearance Ideals
Authors: Natasha L Burke, PhD
Presenter: Natasha L Burke, PhD
10:30am T-OR-2008 Public Presumptions That Severe Childhood Obesity Is Simply Caused by Bad Habits
Authors: Theodore Kyle, RPh MBA; Joseph Nadglowski; Nathalie Dumas, MSc; Daniele Di Pauli
Presenter: Theodore Kyle, RPh MBA
10:45am T-OR-2009 Developing a Salient Warning Label for Sugar-Sweetened Beverages
Authors: Jennifer Falbe, ScD MPH; Sarah E Solar; Alina Engelman, DrPH MPH; Astrid L Montuclard
Presenter: Jennifer Falbe, ScD MPH
11:00am T-OR-2010 Messages to Promote Healthy Restaurant Choices for Kids: A Randomized Controlled Online Experiment
Authors: Aviva A Musicus, BA; Sophia Hua, MPH; Marlene B Schwartz, PhD; Jason Block, MD; Frances K Barg, PhD MEd; Christina D Economos, PhD; Karen Glanz, PhD MPH; James Krieger, MD MPH; Christina A Roberto, PhD
Presenter: Aviva A Musicus, BA
11:15am T-OR-2011 How Do Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Health Warnings Affect Purchases? Mediators in a Randomized Trial
Authors: Anna H Grummon, PhD MSPH; Noel T Brewer, PhD
Presenter: Anna H Grummon, PhD MSPH
11:30am T-OR-2012 The Impact of Calorie Labeling on Purchases in a Fast-Food Franchise in the Southern United States
Authors: Joshua Petimar, ScD; Fang Zhang, PhD; Lauren P Cleveland, MS MPH; Denise N Simon, MPH; Steven L Gortmaker, PhD; Michele Polacsek, PhD MHS; Sara N Bleich, PhD; Eric B Rimm, ScD; Christina A Roberto, PhD; Jason Block, MD
Presenter: Joshua Petimar, ScD