Learning Objectives:

  1. Appropriately select and dose anti-reflux medications after Sleeve Gastrectomy
  2. Describe ERAS medication protocols and strategies for troubleshooting complex scenarios
  3. Recognize system barriers to implementing ERAS

1:30pm Welcome
Scott Monte, PharmD
1:32pm Sleeve and Barrett's: Can Pharmacology Save Us?
Scott Monte, PharmD
1:56pm Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS): National Experience and Medication Protocols
April Smith, PharmD
2:15pm Pain Management: Customizing Medication Strategies to Minimize or Eliminate Opiates
Marjan Sadegh, PharmD
2:34pm VTE Prophylaxis: Evaluation and Troubleshooting Complex Medication Scenarios
Diana Langworthy, PharmD BCPS
2:53pm Cardiac Patients: Troubleshooting in the ERAS Era
Nicholas Norgard, PharmD BCPS
3:12pm Q&A Session #1
Scott Monte, PharmD
3:21pm Break
3:41pm Welcome Back
Marjan Sadegh, PharmD
3:43pm Implementing ERAS: Outpatient to Inpatient and Back Again, Successfully Overcoming the Health System Barriers
Nicole Scovazzo, EdD PA-C
4:07pm Successful Integration of Pharmacists into Bariatric Care Teams
Nicole Nguyen, PharmD BCPS
4:26pm Pharmacist Panel: Experience Integrating Pharmacists Throughout the Bariatric Surgery Care Process
Scott Monte, PharmD; April Smith, PharmD; Nicole Nguyen, PharmD BCPS
4:50pm Q&A Session #2
Marjan Sadegh, PharmD
5:00pm Adjourn