Learners will be able to:

  • Define, discuss and solve specific challenges in the treatment of people with obesity, obesity-related and metabolic diseases and conditions
  • Describe the development and use of new techniques to achieve weight loss by surgery in obese patients
  • Discuss strategies to help patients with failed weight loss or weight regain
  • Identify creative options for patient follow up and monitoring

3:45pm A139 Gastric Bypass And Sleeve Gastrectomy For Hepatic Steatosis In Type 2 Diabetes – A Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Kathrine ms Aglen Seeberg, MD; Heidi Borgeraas, Phd; Jens K Hertel, PhD; John Olav Grimnes, MD; Nils Petter Kvan, MD; Farhat Fatima, MD; Marius Svanevik, MD; Rune Sandbu, PhD; Joran Hjelmesaeth, prof dr.med; Dag Hofsø, MD PhD
Presenter: Kathrine ms Aglen Seeberg, MD
3:52pm A140 Perioperative Outcomes And Fellow Experience During Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery Training
Authors: Marcoandrea Giorgi, MD; Mohamed R Ali, MD
Presenter: Marcoandrea Giorgi, MD
3:59pm A141 Laparoscopic Vertical Gastric Clip B-Clamp® For Weight Loss: A First European Experience
Authors: Frédéric F Borel, MD; Patrick Noel, MD; Gregory Baud, MD PhD; HELENE VERKINDT, MD; Pamela P Nesslany, MD; Naïma N Oukhouya Daoud, MD; Moises Jacobs, MD; FRANCOIS PATTOU, MD; Robert R Caiazzo, MD PhD
Presenter: Frédéric F Borel, MD
4:06pm A142 Evolution Of Robotic Outcomes In Bariatric Surgery: First Look At Mbsaqip Database
Authors: Maher El Chaar, MD; Marlon Pastrana, MD; Leonardo Claros, MD; Jill Stoltzfus, PhD
Presenter: Maher El Chaar, MD
4:13pm A143 The Impact Of Glycemic Control On Bariatric Surgical Outcomes In Diabetic Patients: An Mbsaqip Analysis
Authors: Michael Mazzei, MD; Michael Edwards, MD
Presenter: Michael Mazzei, MD
4:20pm A144 Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery In Prior Solid Organ Transplantation Patients: Is Diabetes An Independent Predictor Of Adverse Outcomes?
Authors: Alexander M Fagenson, MD; Michael Mazzei, MD; Michael Edwards, MD
Presenter: Michael Edwards, MD
4:27pm A145 Resident First Assistance In Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery: Do Patients Pay A Price?
Authors: Michael Edwards, MD; Michael Mazzei, MD
Presenter: Michael Edwards, MD
4:34pm A146 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Versus Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass: A Meta-Analysis Of Weight Loss, Comorbidities, And Biochemical Outcomes From Randomized Controlled Trials
Authors: Yung Lee, BHSc; Aristithes Doumouras, MD MPH; James Yu, BHSc; Ishan Aditya, BHSc; Scott B Gmora, MD; Mehran Anvari, MB BS PhD; Dennis Hong, MD
Presenter: Aristithes Doumouras, MD MPH
4:41pm A147 Exploring Racial Disparities In Metabolic And Bariatric Perioperative Outcomes Amongst The Elderly: Is Race Independently Predictive Of Perioperative Outcomes?
Authors: Michael Edwards, MD; Shilpa Agarwal, MD; Michael Mazzei, MD
Presenter: Shilpa Agarwal, MD
4:48pm A148 Safety Of Robotic Surgery In The Super Obese Patients: First Analysis Using Mbsaqip Data 2015-2017.
Authors: Maher El Chaar, MD; Marlon Pastrana, MD; Jill Stoltzfus, PhD
Presenter: Alvaro Galvez
4:55pm A149 Procedureless Gastric Balloon For Weight Loss: Multi-Center Experience In 1623 Consecutive Patients
Authors: Roberta Ienca, MD CNS; Adelardo Diaz, MD; Cristiano Giardiello, MD; Michele Rosa, MD; MOHAMAD Jarallah, MD; Sebastian KOLMER, MD; Hugues SEBBAG, MD; Julie Hansoulle, RN; Giovanni Quartararo, MD PhD(c); AL ZOUAGHI, MD; Girish kumar Juneja, M.S.; Roman Turro Arau, MD; Alberto Pagan Pomar, MD; Faruq M Badiuddin, FRCS; Jerome Dargent, MD; jean durou, MD; Pierre URBAIN, MD; Stefan Paveliu, MD; Rita Schiano di Cola, Dietitian; Corrado Selvaggio, MD; Mohammed Alkuwari, MD
Presenter: Roberta Ienca, MD CNS
5:02pm A150 An Intensive 52-Week Nutritional, Exercise And Behavior Modification Program: Comparison With Or Without The Elipse Intragastric Balloon
Authors: Yannis Raftopoulos, MD PhD; Elana Davidson, PA-C; Karen Robert; Kristen Chapin, PA-C; Marissa K Chiapperino, MPH RD CSO LDN CDE CNSC; Lindsay Pasdera, RD; Anastasios Tsechpenakis, MD
Presenter: Yannis Raftopoulos, MD PhD
5:09pm A192 Destination Care For Bariatric Surgery Can Be Feasible, Safe And Cost Effective: Proceed With Caution
Authors: Robert Cunningham, MD; Jason E Kuhn, DO; Alexandra Falvo, MD; Voranaddha Vacharathit, MD; Valerie Williams, MSN RN; Marcus Fluck, BS; James T Dove, BA; Christopher Still, DO DFACN FACP; David Parker, MD FASMBS; Jon Gabrielsen, MD FASMBS; Anthony Petrick, MD FACS FASMBS
Presenter: Voranaddha Vacharathit, MD
5:15pm Adjourn