Learners will be able to:

  • Define, discuss and solve specific challenges in the treatment of people with obesity, obesity-related and metabolic diseases and conditions
  • Describe the development and use of new techniques to achieve weight loss by surgery in obese patients
  • Discuss strategies to help patients with failed weight loss or weight regain
  • Identify creative options for patient follow up and monitoring

8:00am A111 Impact Of Enhanced Recovery After Bariatric Surgery (Eras) On Patient Experience, Surgical Outcomes And Healthcare Costs: Electronic Medical Records (Emr) And Highmark Health Claims Data Analysis.
Authors: George M Eid, MD; Paul Tarasi, MD; Kellen Hayes, MD; Kelly Shields, PhD
Presenter: George M Eid, MD
8:07am A112 Estimated Exercise Workload Is A Predictor For Emergency Department Visits Following Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Dennis Kerrigan, PhD; Arthur Carlin, MD FASMBS; Elizabeth R. Alleman, MPH; Megan C Pejsa-Reitz, MS; Edward L Peterson, PhD; Jonathan K Ehrman, PhD; Steven J Keteyian, PhD
Presenter: Dennis Kerrigan, PhD
8:14am A113 Predictive Value Of Crp For Early Complications, Re-Operations And Re-Admission After Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Stephan S Axer, MD; Hassan N. Touma, M.D.
Presenter: Stephan S Axer, MD
8:28am A115 Is Bariatric Surgery Safe In Patients With History Of Cardiac Revascularization?
Authors: Luis Felipe Okida, MD; Juliana Henrique, MD; Camila Ortiz Gomez, MD; Joel S Frieder, MD; Mauricio F Sarmiento-Cobos, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD PhD; Samuel Szomstein, MD; Raul Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Luis Felipe Okida, MD
8:35am A116 High Rates Of Smoking Relapse And Ulcer Development Following Laparoscopic Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass (Lrygb)
Authors: Sara Monfared, MD; William A Hilgendorf, PhD HSPP; Marisa Embry, MSN RN AGCNS-BC; Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD FASMBS
Presenter: Sara Monfared, MD
8:42am A117 Rapid Weight-Loss Following Bariatric Surgery Improves Renal Function After Kidney Transplantation
Authors: Joel S Frieder, MD; Camila Ortiz Gomez, MD; Rene Aleman, MD; Luis Felipe Okida, MD; David Romero Funes, MD; Neerja Agrawal, MD; Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD PhD; Samuel Szomstein, MD; Raul Rosenthal, MD
Presenter: Luis Felipe Okida, MD
8:49am A118 Impact Of Urinary Catheter On Post-Operative Urinary Complications After Roux En Y Gastric Bypass Surgery
Authors: Derek D Berglund, MD; Marcus Fluck, BS; James T Dove, BA; Jason E Kuhn, DO; Robert Cunningham, MD; Alexandra Falvo, MD; Jon Gabrielsen, MD FASMBS; David Parker, MD FASMBS; Ryan D Horsley, DO; Anthony Petrick, MD FACS FASMBS; Mustapha Daouadi, MD
Presenter: Derek D Berglund, MD
8:56am A119 Outcomes In Racial Cohorts Undergoing Robotic-Assised Revisional Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery: An Mbsaqip Matched Cohort Analysis
Authors: Shravan Sarvepalli, MD; huaqing zhao, PhD; Edwin Acevedo, Jr., MD MHA; Michael Mazzei, MD; XIAONING LU, MS; Michael Edwards, MD
Presenter: Shravan Sarvepalli, MD
9:03am A120 Safety Of Roux-En Y Gastric Bypass In Patients Ages 65 And Above Compared To Sleeve Gastrectomy: Propensity-Score Matched Analysis Of The Mbsaqip
Authors: Michal MJ Janik, MD PhD; Thomas Wyatt, DO; Mary Scheerer, MD; Bhavik Patel, DO; Amir Aryaie, MD FACS
Presenter: Michal MJ Janik, MD PhD
9:10am A121 Could The Novel Oral Anticoagulant Apixaban Be The Answer For Extended Venous Thromboembolism (Vte) Prophylaxis Following Bariatric Surgery?
Authors: Billie Borden, MD; Daniel Cottam, MD; Sharon Zarabi, RD CDN CPT; HINALI M ZAVERI, MD; Amit K Surve, MD; Mitch Roslin, MD
Presenter: Billie Borden, MD
9:17am A122 Laparoscopic Truncal Vagotomy Combined With Surgical Resection For Perforated Or Recalcitrant Marginal Ulcers
Authors: Helmuth Billy, MD; Moataz M Bashah, MD& PhD
Presenter: Helmuth Billy, MD
9:24am A123 Risk Factors For Surgical Site Infections After Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery: An Analysis Of The Mbsaqip Database
Authors: Hassan Nasser, MD; Tommy Ivanics, MD; Shravan Leonard-Murali, MD; Dania Shakaroun, MD; Jeffrey A Genaw, MD
Presenter: Hassan Nasser, MD
9:31am A124 Rates Of Revisional Surgery Following Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy And Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
Authors: Vanessa Boudreau, MD
Presenter: Vanessa Boudreau, MD
9:38am A125 Laparoscopic Conversion Of Gastric Bypass To Duodenal Switch: 5 Year Weight Loss, Comorbidity Outcomes, And Complications
Authors: Peter Ng, MD; Lindsey S Sharp, MD; Dustin M Bermudez, MD FASMBS; Tricia A Burns, PA-C; Jillian M Vari, PA-C
Presenter: Peter Ng, MD
9:45am Adjourn