1:30pm T-OR-2073 Caloric Deprivation Is Associated With Greater Brain Response in Anticipation of Monetary Rewards
Authors: Xiaobei Zhang; Andrew J Melrose, MA; John Monterosso, PhD; Olivia Santis; Kathleen Page, MD; Eustace C Hsu, PhD
Presenter: Xiaobei Zhang
1:45pm T-OR-2074 Non-nutritive Sweeteners Surround the Brain in Adults
Authors: Kristina I Rother, MD MHSc; Ellen M Conway, BS; Peter J Walter, PhD; Hongyi Cai; Mary F Walter, PhD; Eileen L Ball; Peter Kosa, PhD; Bibi Bielekova
Presenter: Kristina I Rother, MD MHSc
2:00pm T-OR-2075 Does Sleep Loss Alter Neural Response to Social Stress in Adolescents With Overweight/Obesity?
Authors: Kelsey K Zaugg; Nathan M Muncy, MS; Chad D Jensen, PhD
Presenter: Kelsey K Zaugg
2:15pm T-OR-2076 Acute After-School Screen Time Alters Nearual Activation Toward High- and Low-Calorie Food Stimuli
Authors: Bruce W Bailey, PhD; Mary Efraim; Brock Kirwan, PhD; Nathan M Muncy, MS; Sunku Kwon, MS
Presenter: Bruce W Bailey, PhD
2:30pm T-OR-2077 Exercise Does Not Prevent Hyperphagia of Highly Palatable Foods
Authors: Rebecca Foright, PhD(c); Ginger C Johnson, MS; Paul S MacLean, PhD; Matthew R Hayes, PhD
Presenter: Rebecca Foright, PhD(c)
2:45pm T-OR-2078 Sex Differences in NAc Brain Region Gene Networks Associate With Adiposity and Physical Activity
Authors: Victoria Vieira-Potter, PhD; Dusti Shay; Julia C Hatzigeorgiou; Rebecca J Welly, MS; Scott A Givan, PhD; Nathan J Bivens, MS; Brittney Marshall; Kevin L Fritsche, PhD; Dennis B Lubahn, PhD; Cheryl S Rosenfeld, DVM PhD
Presenter: Dusti Shay