1:30pm T-OR-2013 Elevated Gut Parabacteroides Due to Early Life Sugar Consumption Impairs Memory Function in Rats
Authors: Emily Noble, PhD; Roshonda B Jones, BS; Christine Olson; Linda Tsan; Ruth A Schade, MS; Michael I Goran, PhD; Claire De La Serre, PhD; Elaine Hsiao, PhD; Scott E Kanoski, PhD
Presenter: Emily Noble, PhD
1:45pm T-OR-2014 Lateral Habenula Projecting Hypothalamic Neurons Govern Food Preference in a Leptin Dependent Manner
Authors: Richard M O'Connor, PhD; Maria V Di Bonaventura; Masago Ishikawa; Kavya Devarakonda, BS; Victor Mathis; Paul J Kenny, PhD
Presenter: Richard M O'Connor, PhD
2:00pm T-OR-2015 Striatal Activity Decreases Following the Intragastric Infusion of Glucose and Lipids in Lean Humans
Authors: Katy A van Galen, MD; Kasper W ter Horst, MD PhD; Anouk Schrantee, PhD; Susanne E la Fleur, PhD; Jan Booij, Prof. dr.; Mireille J Serlie, MD PhD
Presenter: Katy A van Galen, MD
2:15pm T-OR-2016 Sleeve Gastrectomy Affects Hypothalamus Functional Connectivity in Adolescents With Severe Obesity
Authors: Laya Rajan, BS; Alaina L Pearce, PhD; Joseph BC Cherry, JD; Xiaozhen You, PhD; Alexandra Olson, BA; Eleanor R Mackey, PhD; Evan P Nadler, MD; Chandan J Vaidya, PhD
Presenter: Laya Rajan, BS
2:30pm T-OR-2017 Effect of Methanandamide on Gastric Vagal Afferents in Lean and High Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Authors: Stewart D Christie, BHSc; Hui Li, PhD; Rebecca O'Rielly; Gary A Wittert, MBBch MD FRACP; Amanda J Page, PhD
Presenter: Amanda J Page, PhD
2:45pm T-OR-2018 Neural Correlates of Eating Behavior: The Role of the Insula
Authors: Lawrence Maayan, MD; Allison Larr; Philip Reiss; Matthew J Hoptman, PhD; Jay Nierenberg; Bennett Leventhal
Presenter: Lawrence Maayan, MD