TOS’s poster sessions run all the hours that the exhibit hall is open, but the only time you can meet and talk to the presenters about their research is during the lunchtime poster sessions. Please note that each poster is displayed for one day only, so check back daily for more cutting-edge research! Full abstracts will be available on the website and in the app once the embargo lifts on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 6:00 a.m. ET.

12:00pm T-P-3275 Respiratory Quotient Variability Under Weight Stability, Controlled Activity and Energy Balance
Authors: Elvis Alvarez Carnero, PhD; Christopher P Bock; Karen D Corbin, PhD RD; Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown; Steven R Smith
Presenter: Elvis Alvarez Carnero, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3276 New Insights Into the Metabolic Function of PKM2 in Podocytes in LPS-induced Acute Kidney Injury
Authors: Mohammed Alquraishi; Dina Alani; Samah Chahed; Ahmed Bettaieb, PhD
Presenter: Mohammed Alquraishi
12:00pm T-P-3277 Glucagon Signaling Dynamics Are Altered in Liver-specific Adropin Knockout Mice
Authors: Subhashis Banerjee; Sarbani Ghoshal, MPH PhD; Kyle S McCommis, PhD; Michael L Niehoff, MS(R) PA; Molee Chakraborty, MS; Anutosh Chakraborty; Susan Farr, PhD; Brian N Finck, PhD; Andrew A Butler, PhD
Presenter: Subhashis Banerjee
12:00pm T-P-3278 Endocrine and Metabolic Alterations in Rats Exhibiting High Anxiety-Related Behaviors
Authors: Ike Dela Pena; Julio D Vega-Torres; Priya Kalyan-Masih; Donovan A Argueta; Nicholas V DiPatrizio, PhD; Johnny D Figueroa
Presenter: Ike Dela Pena
12:00pm T-P-3279 Serum FGF21 Concentration Is Unaffected by Glucose Deprivation or Glucose Excess in Lean Humans
Authors: Jose E Galgani, PhD; Rodrigo R Fernandez-Verdejo, PhD; Jose L Santos, PhD
Presenter: Jose E Galgani, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3280 Diet-Induced Obesity Impairs Decidualization Caused by Disorders of Endometrial Fatty Acid Metabolism
Authors: Sujuan Guo, MD
Presenter: Sujuan Guo, MD
12:00pm T-P-3281 Peroxisomal Adaptations in Response to a High Fat Diet Do Not Require Pgc1α in Mouse Skeletal Muscle
Authors: Tai-Yu Huang, PhD; Humza A Pirzadah; Robert C Noland, PhD
Presenter: Tai-Yu Huang, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3282 The Association Between Hyperuricemia and Metabolic Risk Components in Korean Pre-menopausal Women
Authors: Minhee Kim, MD PhD
Presenter: Minhee Kim, MD PhD
12:00pm T-P-3283 Interesterified Palm Oil Impairs Glucose Homeostasis and Promotes Inflammation
Authors: Josiane E Miyamoto, MSc; Andressa Reginato, MD; Mariana Portovedo, PhD(c); Bruna C Sousa; Ana Luiza F Vieira; Marcella A Stahl, MSc; Leticia M Ignacio-Souza, PhD; Marcio A Torsoni; Adriana S Torsoni, PhD; Ana Paula B Ribeiro, PhD; Marciane Milanski, PhD
Presenter: Josiane E Miyamoto, MSc
12:00pm T-P-3284 High Fat Diet Alters Substrate Utilization and Browning of Adipose Tissue on Calorie Restriction
Authors: Dhanunjay Mukhi
Presenter: Dhanunjay Mukhi
12:00pm T-P-3285 Glycemic Variability Between Healthy Weight and Overweight and Obese Youth
Authors: Michele Nicolo, PhD MS RD; Jennifer Zink; Kellie Imm; Shayan Ebrahimian, BS; Qihan Yu; Kyuwan Lee; Kaylie Zapanta; Jimi Huh, PhD; Genevieve Dunton, PhD MPH; Michael I Goran, PhD; Kathleen Page, MD; Christina M Dieli-Conwright; Britni R Belcher, PhD MPH
Presenter: Michele Nicolo, PhD MS RD
12:00pm T-P-3286 FGF-21 in Patients Undergoing RYGB or Similar Calorie Restriction: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Mette S Nielsen, PhD; Julie Schmidt, PhD; Susanna Soeberg; Matthew P Gillum; Anders Sjodin
Presenter: Mette S Nielsen, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3287 Bariatric Surgery Significantly Increases Serum Lipoprotein Lipase Level in Patients With Obesity
Authors: Masahiro Ohira, MD PhD; Takashi Yamaguchi, MD PhD; Atsuhito Saiki, MD PhD; Shoko Nakamura, MD; Sho Tanaka, MD; Yasuhiro Watanabe, MD PhD; Naoyuki Kawagoe, MD PhD; Takashi Oshiro, MD; Takeyoshi Murano; Ichiro Tatsuno, MD
Presenter: Masahiro Ohira, MD PhD
12:00pm T-P-3288 Validation of the Metabolically Healthy Obese Subtype in a Nonhuman Primate Model
Authors: Alistaire Ruggiero; Chrissy Sherrill, BS; Beth Uberseder; Matt Davis; Matthew J Jorgensen; Kylie Kavanagh
Presenter: Alistaire Ruggiero
12:00pm T-P-3289 Irradiation of Nonhuman Primates Induces Diabetes and Insulin Resistance in the Absence of Obesity
Authors: Alistaire Ruggiero; Nicole Heather Bacarella, VMD; Chrissy Sherrill, BS; Beth Uberseder; Matt Davis; Kylie Kavanagh
Presenter: Alistaire Ruggiero
12:00pm T-P-3290 Effects of Fatty Acids on Leptin Sensitivity - A Comprehensive in Vitro Analysis
Authors: Tomohiro Tanaka, MD PhD; Yohei Ogino, MS; Kentaro Kaneko, PhD; Takuhiro Sonoyama, MD PhD; Tingting Guo, MD; Takashi Yagi, MD PhD; Hiroyuki Koyama, MD; Daisuke Aotani; Kazuwa Nakao, MD PhD
Presenter: Tomohiro Tanaka, MD PhD
12:00pm T-P-3291 Effect of Heat on Autophagy and Insulin Signaling During Nutrient Excess
Authors: Rudy J Valentine, PhD; Corey M Summers
Presenter: Rudy J Valentine, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3292 Activation of MC3R and Induction of Hepatic Autophagy In Vivo
Authors: Adrian M Wong, BA; Noah Levi, BA; Jordan A Levine, BS; Joo Yun JJ Jun, PhD; Tusharkumar Patel; Robin B Roberson, BA; Jack A Yanovski, MD PhD
Presenter: Adrian M Wong, BA