Overview and Target Audience:

The course should be attractive to all clinicians, i.e. physicians, nurses, physician assistants, psychologists, therapists, dietitians, students, and all others who care for metabolic and bariatric surgery patients and are interested in learning how to recognize and care for patients who have had primary bariatric surgery but either had a poor response or a good response followed by significant weight regain.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To review the prevalence, language to use, and expectations for non-response and weight regain following bariatric surgery.
  2. To be familiar with the use of nutrition, exercise, behavior, pharmacology, endoscopy, and surgery to develop a care plan for patients who experience weight regain or non-response after primary bariatric surgery.
  3. To appreciate the role of the behavioral therapists in the management of patients with weight regain or non-response after primary bariatric surgery.
  4. To appreciate the potential benefits, limitations, and available options for surgical revisions for patients with weight regain or non-response after primary bariatric surgery.

8:00am Welcome
Scott Shikora, MD
8:05am Can We Define Success, Failure, Response vs Regain?
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD
8:25am Managing non-response after surgery
Christopher Still, DO DFACN FACP
8:45am Patient perspective on weight regain
Rob Portinga
9:05am Long term follow up and getting patients in
Karen Schulz, MSN CNS
9:25am Q&A
9:30am Break
10:00am Welcome
Nina Crowley, PhD RD LD
10:05am Program Coordination - what works after regain?
Nina Crowley, PhD RD LD
10:25am Dietary strategies for regain
Kellene Isom, MS RD LDN CAGS
10:45am Nutritional Counseling after regain
Laura Andromalos, MS RD CDE
11:05am Tech/monitoring apps/accountability
Corby K Martin, PhD
11:25am Exercise interventions after regain
David Creel, PhD
11:45am Q&A
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Welcome
Nina Crowley, PhD RD LD
1:35pm Behavioral counseling for weight regain
Rachel Goldman, PhD FTOS
1:55pm Acceptance and Commitment therapy
Lauren Bradley, PhD
2:15pm Disordered eating/addiction
Paul Davidson, PhD
2:35pm Review of pharmacology options
Caroline Apovian, MD
2:55pm Q&A
3:00pm Break
3:45pm Welcome
Scott Shikora, MD
3:50pm Endoscopic options
Christopher Thompson, MD
4:10pm Do we have a failure proof operation?
Michel Gagner, MD
4:30pm Revisional surgery for weight regain/nonresponding
Scott Shikora, MD
4:50pm Indications for revisional surgery when the anatomy is intact
Raul Rosenthal, MD
5:10pm Closing Q&A
5:30pm Adjourn