Course Overview:

The Masters in Behavioral Health Course provides an overview of the psychological, social, behavioral and neurobiological issues of bariatric surgery patients both before and after surgery. The course is designed for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, licensed counselors and other mental and medical health professionals who work with bariatric surgery patients. This educational content is designed for an intermediate/advanced level.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain current issues related to the psychosocial evaluation of bariatric surgery patients and the role of the behavioral health professional.
  2. Identify psychological, behavioral, social and neurological issues commonly present in bariatric surgery patients, changes that occur with surgery, and their associations with outcomes.
  3. Explore the issue of disordered eating and weight regain following bariatric surgery, including clinical and research considerations.
  4. Describe ways to expand traditional treatment methods in the treatment of bariatric surgery patients, with an emphasis on empirically supported interventions and assessment tools.
  5. Explain issues related to professional and ethical decision making and conduct in the treatment of bariatric surgery patients, particularly as it pertains to weight bias/stigma, multicultural competence, and understudied populations.

1:30pm Welcome
Janelle Coughlin, PhD; Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD
1:35pm A262 Negative Affect And Loss Of Control Eating Among Bariatric Surgery Patients: A Preliminary Ecological Momentary Assessment Investigation
Authors: Gail Williams-Kerver, PhD; Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD; Li Cao, MS; Ross D Crosby, PhD; Scott G Engel, PhD
Presenter: Gail Williams-Kerver, PhD
1:55pm A261 Examining Emotion-, Personality-, And Reward-Related Dispositional Tendencies In Relation To Eating Pathology And Weight Change Over Seven Years In The Longitudinal Assessment Of Bariatric Surgery (Labs) Study
Authors: Jason M Lavender, PhD; Wendy King, PhD; Melissa Kalarchian, PhD; Michael Devlin, MD; Amanda S Hinerman, MPH; John Gunstad, PhD; James E Mitchell, MD
Presenter: Jason M Lavender, PhD
2:15pm Disordered Eating After Bariatric Surgery: Clinical and Research Considerations Panel
Leslie Heinberg, PhD; Valentina Ivezaj, PhD; James E Mitchell, MD; Cassie Brode, PhD; Carlos M Grilo, PhD FTOS
3:10pm Questions and Answers
Leslie Heinberg, PhD; Valentina Ivezaj, PhD; James E Mitchell, MD; Cassie Brode, PhD
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Welcome Back
Janelle Coughlin, PhD; Kristine Steffen, PharmD PhD
3:50pm A271 Behavioral And Psychosocial Predictors Of Adherence To Dietary Recommendations One-Year Post-Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Susan Wnuk, PhD; Batool Azim, BNutDiet; Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD MPHE FRCPC
Presenter: Susan Wnuk, PhD
4:05pm A268 Psychotropic Medication Use And Weight Outcomes 1-Year Post Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD MPHE FRCPC; Michael Hawkins, MD FRCPC; Raed Hawa, MD FRCPC DABPN; Samantha Leung, MSc; Susan Wnuk, PhD; Stephanie Cassin, PhD
Presenter: Sanjeev Sockalingam, MD MPHE FRCPC
4:20pm Keynote: Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery- How to Measure, Monitor and Minimize
Wendy King, PhD
5:20pm Closing (Q&A)
5:30pm Adjourn