Why do men consistently lose more weight than women in clinical trials? This session will explore descriptive and mechanistic differences in weight loss and weight loss maintenance by sex. Speakers will describe observed sex differences in clinical trials and longitudinal cohort studies, while also taking a deep dive in outlining the neuronal, hormonal, and metabolic pathways influencing nutrition and body weight regulation. Participants will walk away with a deep understanding of sex-initiated differences in diet-induced weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

3:30pm Sex Differences in Response to Intervention in Large Weight Loss/Weight Loss Maintenance Clinical Trials
Nancy E Sherwood, PhD
4:00pm Neuronal and Metabolic Pathways Influenced by Sex Hormones
Victoria Vieira-Potter, PhD
4:30pm Neural Circuits in Females that Align Feeding Patterns with the Circadian Clock
Stephanie Padilla, PhD