TOS’s poster sessions run all the hours that the exhibit hall is open, but the only time you can meet and talk to the presenters about their research is during the lunchtime poster sessions. Please note that each poster is displayed for one day only, so check back daily for more cutting-edge research! Full abstracts will be available on the website and in the app once the embargo lifts on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 6:00 a.m. ET.

12:00pm T-P-3261 Change in Plasma Branched Chain Amino Acids During Pregnancy: Relationship to Insulin Sensitivity
Authors: Brittany R Allman, PhD
Presenter: Brittany R Allman, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3262 Lipoprotein Insulin Resistance Score Underestimates Insulin Resistance in African Americans
Authors: Abdul-Latif Armiyaw; Shivraj Grewal; Andin Fosam; Ranganath Muniyappa, MD PhD
Presenter: Abdul-Latif Armiyaw
12:00pm T-P-3263 Impact of a 16-Week Lifestyle Modification Program on Insulin Resistance in Adolescents With Obesity
Authors: Patricia Blackburn, PhD; Dominique Desrosiers; Johanne Harvey, MD MPH
Presenter: Patricia Blackburn, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3264 Angiotensin II Promotes Insulin Resistance in Mice by Induction of Splenic Monocyte Migration
Authors: Marilia K Torres; Yasmim A Castro, MSc; Ruy B Vasconcelos; Ana Maria R Almeida; Lissa M Fernandes; Milena D Costa; Cintia M Nogueira; Alisson M Oliveira; Jonathan N Ribeiro; Stefani M Silva; Amanda M Vieira; Bruno M Carvalho, PhD
Presenter: Bruno M Carvalho, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3265 ApoE – A Marker of Comorbidity in Subjects With Morbid Obesity?
Authors: Per G Farup, MD PhD; Helge Rootwelt, MD PhD; Knut KH Hestad
Presenter: Per G Farup, MD PhD
12:00pm T-P-3266 Effect of an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention on the Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome
Authors: Macklin Guzman, DHSc MPH; Edward Zbella, MD FACOG; Sejal Shah Alvarez, MD FAAP; Eva A Imperial, MD FAAFP; Jennifer L Nguyen, MPH CPH PhD Candidate; Frank Troncale; Christina Holub; Arshpreet Kaur Mallhi, MPH BDS; Sara VanWyk, MPH CCRP
Presenter: Macklin Guzman, DHSc MPH
12:00pm T-P-3267 Silent Contributors of Metabolic Dysfunction
Authors: Jessica L Hill, RN; Michelle T Foster, PhD; Claudia M Solt
Presenter: Jessica L Hill, RN
12:00pm T-P-3268 Obesity and Insulin Resistance: HOMA Calculation Revisited Longitudinally in Nonhuman Primates
Authors: K-L. Catherine Jen, PhD; Jennifer D Newcomb, MS; Barbara C Hansen, PhD
Presenter: K-L. Catherine Jen, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3269 Components of Metabolic Syndrome in Korean Adults: A Hospital-based Cohort
Authors: Soo Lim, MD PHD
Presenter: Soo Lim, MD PHD
12:00pm T-P-3270 Adipose Tissue Macrophage Burden Is Not Related to Insulin Resistance
Authors: Maria E Morgan-Bathke, PhD RD CD; Gisella Carranza-Leon, MD; Ana Espinosa De Ycaza, MD; Danae A Delivanis, MD; Kelli A Lytle, PhD RD; Esben Sondergaard, MD PhD; Michael D Jensen, MD
Presenter: Maria E Morgan-Bathke, PhD RD CD
12:00pm T-P-3271 Afamin Is Correlated Withthe Insulin Resistance in Metabolic Syndrome Subjects
Authors: Nasser M Rizk, MD PhD; Areej O Nasser; Omnia A Ali Mohamed; Amena S Fadel, BS
Presenter: Nasser M Rizk, MD PhD
12:00pm T-P-3272 E4orf1 Induces Distal Insulin Signaling Pathway Independent of Insulin
Authors: Harsh Shah; Nikhil Dhurandhar, PhD FTOS; Vijay Hegde, PhD
Presenter: Harsh Shah
12:00pm T-P-3273 Insulin Resistance in Glucose Versus Free Fatty Acid Metabolism Have Different Metabolic Profiles
Authors: Yilin Song, MD; Esben Sondergaard, MD PhD; Michael D Jensen, MD
Presenter: Yilin Song, MD
12:00pm T-P-3274 Pancreatic Fat Is Not Related to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Status in Obese Adolescents
Authors: Meredith A Ware, MS; Jill L Kaar, PhD; Ann L Scherzinger, PhD; Anne-Marie Carreau, MD; Cecilia D Behn, PhD; Kai Bartlette, BS; Yesenia Garcia-Reyes, MS; Haseeb Rahat, BS; Danielle Xie; Dan Lopez-Paniagua, PhD; Kristen J Nadeau, MD MS; Melanie Cree-Green, MD PhD
Presenter: Meredith A Ware, MS