Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe essential aspects for IH professions to assist in building and maintaining a successful bariatric surgery practice
  2. Describe how to incorporate bariatric medicine into a bariatric surgery practice
  3. Identify ways to improve patient retention from seminar to surgery
  4. Explain the pros and cons of using shared medical visits in a bariatric surgery practice

8:00am Welcome: Overview and Agenda
Kelli Frideman, PhD; Connie Klein, NP
8:05am Seminar to Surgery: Standardizing the Process
Barbara Klick, MPH RDN CSOWM LDN
8:40am Billing & Coding - Help me Get Paid
Regina Gallarod
9:05am Opioids and bariatric surgery: Review and Recommendations
Leslie Heinberg, PhD
9:30am Break
10:00am Pre-op Prevention Strategies to Minimize Post-op IH Complications: The Role of Nurses and Advanced Practitioners
Karen Flanders, MSN CNP
10:30am Managing Longer-Term Post Op Patients through Shared Medical Visits
Dana Portenier, MD
11:00am The Nuts and Bolts of Integrating Obesity Medicine into a Bariatric Surgery Practice
Deborah Horn, DO MPH MFOMA
11:50am Wrap Up Q & A
12:00pm Adjourn