TOS’s poster sessions run all the hours that the exhibit hall is open, but the only time you can meet and talk to the presenters about their research is during the lunchtime poster sessions. Please note that each poster is displayed for one day only, so check back daily for more cutting-edge research! Full abstracts will be available on the website and in the app once the embargo lifts on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 6:00 a.m. ET.

12:00pm T-P-3129 Association of Gastric Emptying Rate With Visual Analog Scale for Appetite and Satiety Sensations
Authors: Daniel Gonzalez Izundegui, MD; Sneha Singh, MD; Gerardo Calderon, MD; Michael Camilleri, MD; Andres Acosta, MD PhD ABOM
Presenter: Daniel Gonzalez Izundegui, MD
12:00pm T-P-3130 Characterizing Timing and Duration of 24-hour Caloric Intake Among Candidates for Bariatric Surgery
Authors: Kelly C Allison, PhD; Jacqueline C Spitzer, MSEd; Jingwei Wu, PhD; Courtney McCuen-Wurst, PsyD LCSW; Colleen Tewksbury, PhD MPH RD LDN; Caitlin A LaGrotte, PhD; Rebecca C Ashare, PhD; Thomas A Wadden, PhD; Noel N Williams, MD; David Sarwer, PhD
Presenter: Kelly C Allison, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3131 Drinkers With Obesity Have Lower Weight and Higher Physical Function Than Non-drinkers
Authors: John W Apolzan, PhD FTOS; Corby K Martin, PhD; Robert L Newton, PhD; Ursula White, PhD; Robbie A Beyl, PhD; Peter T Katzmarzyk, PhD
Presenter: John W Apolzan, PhD FTOS
12:00pm T-P-3132 Lorcaserin Has Less Metabolic Benefits Than Liraglutide in Free Choice Diet-Induced Obese Rats
Authors: Francois Briand, PhD; Emmanuel Brousseau, BSc; Thierry Sulpice, PhD
Presenter: Francois Briand, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3133 Thirst and Water Intake Responses to Hypertonicity/Water Deprivation in Obese and Normal Weight Men
Authors: Douglas C Chang, MD; Adela Penesova; Paolo Piaggi, PhD; Jonathan Krakoff, MD
Presenter: Douglas C Chang, MD
12:00pm T-P-3134 GDF15-induced Anorexia in Rats and Shrews is Driven by Malaise
Authors: Tito Borner, PhD; Evan D Shaulson; Lauren M Stein, PhD; Samantha M Fortin, PhD; Matthew R Hayes, PhD; Bart De Jonghe, PhD
Presenter: Bart De Jonghe, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3135 Fatigued Individuals in an Underserved Cohort Have a Higher Body Weight and Poorer Eating Behaviors
Authors: James Dorling, PhD; Corby K Martin, PhD; John W Apolzan, PhD FTOS; Robert L Newton, PhD; Candice A Myers, PhD; Kara D Denstel, MPH; Emily F Mire; Christoph Hochsmann, PhD; Tina K Thethi, MD MPH; Peter T Katzmarzyk, PhD
Presenter: James Dorling, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3136 Usability and Feasibility of a Mobile App for Ecologic Momentary Assessment of Timing of Eating
Authors: Attia Goheer, PhD; Jonathan C Martinez, BA; Tom Woolf, PhD; Janelle Coughlin, PhD; Lindsay M Martin, MA; Harold Lehmann, MD PhD; Jeanne M Clark, MD MPH FACP FTOS; Wendy L Bennett, MD
Presenter: Attia Goheer, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3137 Factors That Influence the “When” of Eating and Sleeping: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Attia Goheer, PhD; Jonathan C Martinez, BA; Tom Woolf, PhD; Janelle Coughlin, PhD; Lindsay M Martin, MA; Di Zhao, PhD; Harold Lehmann, MD PhD; Jeanne M Clark, MD MPH FACP FTOS; Katherine Holzhauer; Wendy L Bennett, MD
Presenter: Attia Goheer, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3138 Reduced Appetite is Associated With Improved Body Weight Management. Results from the SATIN Study
Authors: Thea Toft Hansen, Msc
Presenter: Thea Toft Hansen, Msc
12:00pm T-P-3139 Dietary Intake in Semi-Controlled Versus Free Living Conditions
Authors: Tyson Marden; Tonmoy Ghosh; Delwar Hossain; Sayeed Doulah; Edward Sazonov, PhD; Megan A McCrory, PhD; Janine Higgins, PhD
Presenter: Janine Higgins, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3140 Eating Behavior Traits Mediate the Association Between Satiety Responsiveness and Energy Intake
Authors: Raphaelle Jacob, MSc. RD; Veronique Provencher; Angelo Tremblay, PhD; Shirin Panahi, PhD; Vicky Drapeau, PhD
Presenter: Raphaelle Jacob, MSc. RD
12:00pm T-P-3141 Caloric Compensation, Appetite, Eating in the Absence of Hunger in Youth With Different Obesity Risk
Authors: Tanja Kral; Renee H Moore, PhD; Jesse Chittams, MS; Lauren O'Malley, MPH; Elizabeth Jones, BS; Jennifer O Fisher, PhD; Ryan J Quinn, MPH
Presenter: Tanja Kral
12:00pm T-P-3142 Accuracy of Back-Calculated Energy Intake: Comparing Estimated vs. Measured Resting Metabolic Rate
Authors: Krista S Leonard, MS; Penghong Guo, MS; Abigail Pauley; Emily E Hohman, PhD; Katherine McNitt, RD; Daniel E Rivera, PhD; Jennifer S Savage, PhD; Danielle S Downs, PhD
Presenter: Krista S Leonard, MS
12:00pm T-P-3143 Discordance Between Assessments of Food Responsiveness: Why the Type of Assessment Matters
Authors: Michael A Manzano, BS; David R Strong, PhD; Kyung (Kay) E Rhee, MD MSc MA; Dong-Jin E Kang Sim, PhD MPH; Kerri N Boutelle, PhD
Presenter: Michael A Manzano, BS
12:00pm T-P-3144 The Association of Serotonergic Pathway With Obesity and Disinhibited Eating in Black Adolescents
Authors: Ying Meng, PhD RN; Susan W Groth, PhD WHNP-BC FAANP; Harriet Kitzman, PhD RN FAAN
Presenter: Ying Meng, PhD RN
12:00pm T-P-3145 Infant Appetite Traits: Consistency and Prediction of Child Weight Outcomes
Authors: Mary Messito, MD; Michelle Katzow, MD MS; Rachel S Gross, MD MS
Presenter: Mary Messito, MD
12:00pm T-P-3146 Perceptions and Strategies Utilized by Older Adults in a 6-Month Weight Loss Intervention
Authors: M. Elizabeth Miller, PhD RD LD FAND; Kelsie O Newton; Hannah Moland; Benjamin Miller
Presenter: M. Elizabeth Miller, PhD RD LD FAND
12:00pm T-P-3148 The Influence of Momentary Emotions and Impulsivity on Daily Food Choices and Eating Behaviors
Authors: Emma T Schiestl, MS; Ashley N Gearhardt, PhD; Jessica Zhao; Stuart Feruson, PhD MS; Katherine G Ellison
Presenter: Emma T Schiestl, MS
12:00pm T-P-3149 Changes in Weight Control Behaviors and Hedonic Hunger in a Weight Loss Program for Type 2 Diabetes
Authors: Erica M Schulte, PhD; Peter W Tuerk, PhD; Louis J Aronne, MD FACP FTOS DABOM; Lynne Becker, MSPH; Ken Fujioka, MD; W. Timothy Garvey, MD; Kathie L Hermayer, MD MS; Karen Miller-Kovach, MBA MS RD; Robert Kushner, MD; Robert J Malcolm, MD; William J Raum, MD PhD; Stephanie L Rost, MS RD; Domenica Rubino, MD; Nicoletta Sora, MD; Jan Veliko, RN CDE; Thomas A Wadden, PhD; Daniel Weiss, MD; Patrick M O'Neil, PhD
Presenter: Erica M Schulte, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3150 Characterization of Late Evening Food and Beverage Consumption by Race/Ethnicity Among U.S. Adults
Authors: Rhonda S Sebastian, MA; Cecilia Wilkinson Enns, MS RDN LN; Joseph D Goldman, MA; Alanna Moshfegh, MS RD
Presenter: Rhonda S Sebastian, MA
12:00pm T-P-3151 Subjective Appetite Ratings Varies by Physical Activity Level and Adiposity in Adolescent Males
Authors: Robin Shook, PhD; Amanda S Bruce, PhD; Seung-Lark Lim, PhD; John P Thyfault, PhD; Ann M Davis, PhD MPH ABPP
Presenter: Robin Shook, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3152 Trends of Fat Intake and Its Impacts on Risk of Overweight and Obesity Among Chinese Adults
Authors: Liang Wang, MD DrPH MPH; Huijun Wang, MD; Arya Sharma, MD DSc (hon) FRCPC; Barry M Popkin, PhD; Shufa Du, PhD
Presenter: Liang Wang, MD DrPH MPH
12:00pm T-P-3153 Income-to-Needs Moderates the Effect of Dietary Restraint on zBMI Among Adolescents
Authors: Caroline E West, BA; Elizabeth B Ruzicka, MA; Clarissa Shields, BS; Amy F Sato, PhD
Presenter: Caroline E West, BA
12:00pm T-P-3154 Under-reporting of Energy Intake in Successful Weight Loss Maintainers
Authors: Adnin Zaman, MD; Danielle M Ostendorf, PhD; Zhaoxing Pan, PhD; Ann E Caldwell, PhD; Seth A Creasy, PhD; James O Hill, PhD; Holly R Wyatt, MD; Edward L Melanson, PhD; Victoria A Catenacci, MD
Presenter: Adnin Zaman, MD
12:00pm T-P-3155 Social Media Use and Dependence: Associations With Body Image and Eating Behavior in Pregnant Women
Authors: Nadine Zeeni, PhD; Lama Mattar, PhD; Joelle Abi Kharma
Presenter: Nadine Zeeni, PhD
12:00pm T-P-3156 Intestinal Microbial Abundance Is Associated With Obesity-related Eating Behaviors in Adolescents
Authors: Yanjia J Zhang
Presenter: Yanjia J Zhang