Twelve early career members with top-scoring abstracts will present their work as a 3-minute talk. They will be challenged to effectively and efficiently communicate their scientific findings to a broad audience using just one slide. Join us to get a glimpse of the innovative obesity research being conducted by your peers and vote on which one you think are the best!

10:25am Pre-Operative Exercise Reduces Length of Hospital Stay in Patients Receiving Bariatric Surgery
Nicole M Gilbertson, PhD
10:30am Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Obese Youth with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Ishita Jindal, MD
10:35am Intestine Specifc Ablation of Acyl-CoA Synthetase 5 Protects Against Obesity by Reducing Food Intake
John D Griffin
10:40am Food Reinforcement and Home Enrichment are Independently Correlated With Childhood zBMI
Katelyn Carr, PhD
10:45am Machine Learning Approaches Predict Obesity Based on Functional Brain Signatures and Diet
Zhonghan Pei
10:50am Diet, Body Fat, and Fasting Glucose as Predictors of Impulsive Choice for Food in Rats and Humans
Catherine C Steele, MS
10:55am On the Definition of Sarcopenic Obesity – Initial Results From UK Biobank
Jennifer Linge, PhD student
11:00am Weight Bias: The Impact of the Belief in a Just World
Sarah Nutter
11:05am Time Restricted Feeding Improves Metabolic Outcomes in Mice Even With a Phase Delay in Initiation
Prashant Regmi, PhD Student
11:10am The Association of Serotonergic Pathway With Obesity and Disinhibited Eating in Black Adolescents
Ying Meng, PhD RN
11:15am Feasibility of 10%TBWL With Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Alone Among Morbidly Obese Patients
Marissa K Chiapperino, MPH RD CSO LDN CDE CNSC
11:20am Prediction of Adult Type 2 Diabetes From Childhood Requires Both Elevated Glucose and Hba1c Levels
Emilia Hagman, PhD