Brazil has one of the largest volumes of bariatric procedures in the world. Brazilian Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery has more than 2000 members performing around 100 thousand procedures per year. They also have the most mature bariatric endoscopy market with around 10k procedures year. It was the first Society to introduce the “M” of metabolic in 2007, and already has the surgery for type 2 diabetes in Class I obesity approved by the Federal Government since 2017. They were the first to abandon Gastric Banding, and the last bastion of the Gastric Bypass. This Year they launched a strong advertising campaign to reinforce concept of Metabolic Surgery and make it covered by the insurance companies. How do they had accomplished that?

Come and join us in a thrilling session at Las Vegas this year during ObesityWeek and see by yourself. The course will present the “Brazilian model” on bariatrics with its rationale, numbers and secrets, and for sure appreciate some hot debates…

Learning Objectives:

  • Present the Brazilian infra-structure, regulations and numbers that allows the country to have such large numbers in Bariatric Surgery
  • Present the conditions, numbers and developments that have positioned Brazil among the leaders in bariatric Endoscopy
  • Discuss strategies to implement metabolic Surgery numbers
  • Present state-of-the-art procedures and techniques performed on the country

The Basis of Bariatric Surgery in Brazil
8:00am Welcome
Manoel Galvao Neto, MD IFASMBS; Marcos Leao Villas Boas, MD
8:05am The simplest is not the best in Brazil. Why RYGB stands the top in Brazil
8:20am Metabolic Surgery awareness campaign: How Brazilians expands bariatric field
Marcos Leao Villas Boas, MD
8:35am Bariatric techniques developed in Brazil - why some didn’t take off in home land
Almino Ramos, MD
8:50am Brazilian solutions to bariatric surgery complications
Luiz Gustavo Quadros, MD Phd
9:05am Brazilian Bariatric Endoscopy – BEB
Eduardo Grecco, Sr., MD
9:15am Questions & Answers
Andre Teixeira, MD FACS; Fabio Viegas, MD; Admar Concon, MD
9:45am Adjourn