Wind down from a long day with a free beer while listening to lightning talks from top basic science poster presenters. The prize goes to whoever gets the loudest claps, so come cheer on your favorites!

5:20pm Does Maternal Age Affect Offspring Susceptibility to Obesity?
Megan Simpson, MSci
5:25pm Acute Exercise and Chronic Training Adaptations Potentiate Energy Expenditure During Weight Regain
David M Presby, BS
5:35pm Intestine Specifc Ablation of Acyl-CoA Synthetase 5 Protects Against Obesity by Reducing Food Intake
John D Griffin
5:40pm The Biomass of Gut Microbiota Modify Anaerobic Metabolism and Is Altered by Diet Composition
Mohamad Mokadem, MD
5:45pm Effect of Chronic Low Dose CL316243 on DIO Mice: Less Could Be More
Zahraa Abdul Sater, MD MPH
5:50pm Sex Differences in a Novel Node of the Feeding Circuit
Megan G Massa, BA
5:55pm Lumican Regulates Adipocyte Cellular Metabolism in Obesity-Associated Type 2 Diabetes
Clarissa Strieder Barboza, DVM MSc PhD
6:00pm Improve Health by Matching Clocks
Prashant Regmi, PhD Student
6:05pm Interaction Between the Melanocortin and Histaminergic Systems to Regulate Energy Homeostasis
Natalie J Michael, PhD
6:10pm Intermittent High-fat Diet Intake Reduces Sensitivity to Intragastric Nutrient Infusion and Amylin
Calyn B Maske, MS