Jason Halford, PhD
  • Professor
  • University of Liverpool
  • Liverpool GBR


Jason Halford is Head of the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Liverpool, President Elect of the European Association of Obesity (EASO), and former Chair of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO). He is a Chartered Health Psychologist. Over the past 10 years his research has focused on drug-induced weight gain, the effects of nutrients and fiber on appetite and hormone release, the effects of stress on eating behavior, the effect of marketing on children, and on lean-obese differences in the expression of appetite. In 1999, Jason co-founded the Human Ingestive Behavior Laboratory at Liverpool and in 2004 he also co-founded the Liverpool Obesity Research Network (LORN). Jason is coordinator of the SWITCH study, a new trial to examine the impact of artificial sweeteners on appetite in the context of active weight management and is one of the coordinating leads for the 9m Euro H2020 SWEET project designed to examine the risks and benefits of using sweeteners to replace sugar in the diet in the contexts of health, obesity, safety and sustainability. Jason is also local lead for iKnowFood