Bariatric surgery was introduced at Vestfold Hospital Trust in 2004 and over 2,500 patients have been operated. The procedures have been performed by experienced surgeons and junior doctors specializing in gastrointestinal surgery. Our experience is that these candidates have benefited greatly from this training, and that this has not affected the quality of surgery.


During the last years we have systematically trained our junior doctors. The goal of the training was that each candidate within six months would be competent in suturing the jejunojejunostomy. We filmed every procedure and recorded time consumption.


The first candidate improved all measured performances during those six months, and the operating time was reduced from 20 to 8 minutes in performing the jejunojejunostomy. There were no complications during the training period.


Targeted and structured training of junior doctors can be safely performed in bariatric surgery. Video documentation is suitable as a training tool. The skill set acquired are very valuable for further laparoscopic training.