Available sleeve gastrectomy(SG) content of patient therapeutic education(PTE) on social media is heterogeneous, unmonitored, and inadequate. We present a review of video-content to determine its quality in terms of SG-PTE, and the importance of societal engagement on content input.


We conducted a search using the social media search engine YouTube, with the terms: ‘patient education sleeve gastrectomy‘. Videos published within 1 year, with relevant content to SG and lasting ≤4mins were included. The assessment of the contents and popularity was determined using the video power index(VPI), and quality was evaluated with the Global Quality Scores(GQS). Both objective and subjective scores were compared to determine statistical difference.


Among 127 identified videos, 49 fulfilled inclusion criteria and were eligible for assessment. Overall, the mean duration was 131.49s, had a mean number of 615.39 views, and an average of 11.08 likes. The most prevalent video source was commercial(51.02%). Regarding video content, 53.06% focused on surgery-related information, while the most common language was English(77.55%). The average VPI for all videos was 2.99, whilst the GQS average was 2.51. There was no significant difference between scoring systems(p=0.73).


YouTube is useful for the distribution of SG-PTE. Subjectively and objectively, content seems to be comparable. However, the quality of the content is suboptimal based on average GQS. Based on our observations, societal intervention should engage in content regulation available for public access.