An increasing number of patients with morbid obesity are referred for surgery whereby pain management per- and postoperative seems to be increasingly important. However, little is known about the incidence of pre and postoperative chronic pain. Objectives: To analyse the effect of pre and post operative pain in bariatric patients.


This is a retrospective database research and a prospective questionnaire. NRS was scores and questionnaires pre-operative and just after the intervention are taken from the electronic patient file.


3297 patients responded Of these 83.1% had a RYGB operation. Pre-operative chronic pain showed an incidence of 10.5%. Pre-operatively, most of the pain occurred in the back, pelvis. In 2.2% (n = 73) of the cases pre-pain already occurred in the abdomen. The incidence of post-operative chronic pain was 8.1% (n = 267) with an average VAS of 5.9 ± 1.9. Post operatively most pain occurred in the abdomen (4.5%) and there was a clear decrease in the percentage of joint pain. Of all respondents, 1.7% of patients had both pre- and post-operative pain. With this, an incidence of + 6.4% new chronic post-operative pain was measured and at the same time a decrease in chronic pain compared to pre-operative of -8.8% in a proportion of the patients surveyed.


This study shows that there is a clear decrease in chronic pain after bariatric surgery (-8.8%). However, the results also show that there is an increase in new chronic pain (+ 6.4%).