Type II Diabetes is a chronic, degenerative disease that develops when the body cannot make enough, or properly use, insulin – a hormone that helps regulate sugar (glucose) in the body. This study intends to examine the effectiveness of gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy on glycemic control in patients with diabetes.


A retrospective analysis of patient charts for patients suffering from obesity and diabetes, and a comparison of the improvement/resolution of diabetes and pharmaceutical treatment in this population post operatively, with post-operative follow up lasting up to five years.


Of 319 patients undergoing a primary Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure, 61.8% were found to no longer require pharmaceutical treatment for diabetes. By procedure, 65.1% of 229 Bypass patients and 53.3% of the 90 Sleeve patients no longer required pharmaceutical treatment. For patients with diabetes pre-operatively treated with insulin, 42.7% no longer required medication and 55.6% either needed no medication or non-insulin treatment. For insulin dependent patients 49.5% undergoing a Bypass and 24.2% of patients undergoing a sleeve no longer needed treatment (Absolute difference: 24.2, CI: (4.24, 41.3), p-value: 0.012). Among patients treated pre-operatively with non-insulin treatment, 75.4% Bypass patients and 70.2% Sleeve patients no longer needed treatment.