The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recommends 14 or more sessions to achieve a clinically significant percentage of weight loss within 6 months. The objective of this study was to assess the relationship between the number of televisits and overall percent weight loss achieved within a primary care setting.


Forty-eight obese participants (Age: 59.27±16.68 years, BMI=34.4± 5.5 kg/m2, N=21 males, N= 27 females), were recruited from a primary care setting via inHealth Medical Service, Inc. All participants received feedback regarding their nutrition, physical activity, and behavior change by a certified health coach. SPSS v25 was used to conduct a Pearson Correlation to assess the relationship between number of visits and percent body weight loss. The Kruskall Wallis Test was used to determine number of visits and average percent weight loss. Significance was set to p<0.05.


Participants completed 32.6 ± 12.5 videoconferencing visits and lost an average of 6.30±7.4% within 12 months. There was a significant negative correlation between number of visits and weight loss, (r = -.299, p = .039).


Results indicated that the number of televisits within a primary care setting significantly influences percent body weight loss in obese patients.