Stress management can have an effect on the mental health. We explore the effect that different methods of relaxation among those with high cholesterol.


Retrospective data from the Depression and Anxiety Assessment Test (DAAT) was used. The DAAT is an 85 question questionnaire that measures depression, anxiety according to the DSM-5 into none (<5), mild (5-8), moderate (9-12) and severe (>12), it inquires about individuals cholesterol levels, and asked which method of relaxation/mindfulness/spiritual was used for at least 15 minutes on most days.


From n=6795 unique people that took the test from 5 continents in 4 years, n=845 reported having high cholesterol, those n=845 were used for the study, mean age of this group was 47.2 years ST Dev 16.6. The results were reported as (mean, median, ST Dev).Those using no method of relaxation had a mean anxiety score (7.77, 8, 4.45). Those using eastern meditation had an anxiety of (6.63, 7,4.24). Those using yoga had an anxiety of (5.14, 5, 3.65). Those reporting reading the Bible for relaxation had an anxiety of (4.69, 3, 4.36). Those using prayer, anxiety (5.15,4, 4.51).


It seem that the different methods of relaxation seems to have a positive or negative effect on mental health. Those without a method of relaxation fared worse. A long term study is being designed to follow those participants.