Vertical ringed gastroplasty (VRG) was described in the decade of 1980, its technical facility and relative low rate of complications in the short term, made it the procedure of choice for the time. However, it has been progressively abandoned, due to high failure rates, long-term complications and the need for revisional surgery.


The aim of this video is to present the case of a 69-year-old female patient, with a history of a GVA 20 years ago, and long-term reflux and intolerance to solid foods clinic. The superior digestive radiological series showed a decrease in caliber between the fundus and the gastric body, in relation to the ring. Conversion was made to laparoscopic gastric bypass (LGBP), with biliopancreatic limb length of 100 cm, alimentary limb of 150 cm and common limb of 230 cm.


The course in the immediate postoperative period was favorable, with hospital discharge 72 hours after surgery and clinically correct evolution in the controls by external consultation.


The conversion of RVG to LGBP, although it is a technically demanding procedure, is safe and feasible, with good results both in weight loss and in correction of complications associated with other techniques.