The Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy (BLSG) is a novel approach where ports are placed in the umbilicus and below the bikini line. We herein describe Combined Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy & Bikini Line Cholecystectomy (BLLC).


Patient is a 28 year old female with a BMI of 40. On routine work up ultrasound detected silent gallstones. Patient is placed in the split leg position. A four trocar technique is used. Gastric mobilization is completed using advanced bipolar energy source. Sequential firing of the stapler is done through the umbilicus port. We routinely cover the staple line using nonabsorbable sutures. On the other hand, during cholecystectomy, the fundus is retracted using the left iliac fossa trocar, while the surgeon uses the umbilical port and the right iliac fossa trocar for his right and left working hands; respectively. Gall bladder and stomach are extracted from bikini line port.


Operative time was 75 minutes. Patient was discharged on day 1. There were no intra or peri operative complications.


Combined BLSG & BLLC was found to be potentially feasible. However, we still need further studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy.