Night eating syndrome (NES) is a common disorder in eating behaviors that occurs in the night time sleep cycle. Although eating disorders are common in society, night eating syndrome has been left neglected. It has its own diagnostic criteria.


A 25years old obese male patient was presented with the history of obesity from childhood, which has continued to increase in severity, with no history of other medical conditions. He also had an eating disorder at nights with an onset from one year prior to the presentation to hospital which makes him get up within the 1st hour of his night time sleep, force him to seek for foods. This may repeat two or three times during each night regularly. In physical examination, his weight and height were 286.60 lbs. (130 kg) and 68.89 inch (175 cm), respectively.


The reports has shown that NES has not developed in many individuals until they have been obese. However, this case even expanded this definition and omitted the profile of night time sleep from the lists of diagnostic criteria. The therapeutic approach was indeed on natural treatment for dysfunction of serotonin system which has been seen among NES and depressive sufferers. Some fruits like banana and apple contain serotonin precursors and might be used as prophylactic remedy to improve brain serotonin level.


Multidisciplinary approach is important in the treatment of obesity. Successful results have been obtained with psychiatric evaluation and with the treatment of psychopathologies.