The Standard Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy(SLSG) involves several upper abdominal incisions. The Bikini Line Sleeve Gastrectomy(BLSG) is a novel approach where ports are placed in the umbilicus and below the bikini line. We herein aim to compare the short and medium term outcomes of BLSG versus SLSG.


This is a case control study of 147 patients who underwent BLSG and age-, gender-, and BMI- matched controls of 182 patients who underwent SLSG. All procedures were performed by a single surgeon between January 2016 and January 2019. Patient demographics, perioperative data (length of stay, complications, mortality, and readmissions), and up to 3 year results (follow-up rate and weight loss) were studied.


All 329 patients were females. Mean age & BMI were 32±7.1 years & 38.9±4.1 kg/m2 for (BLSG) and 33.6±8.9 years & 40.9 ±4.3 kg/m2 for (SLSG); (p>0.05). There were no mortalities. Bleeding occurred in three patients in SLSG and one patient in BLSG. One patient in SLSG had portal vein thrombosis. Follow up rate was 98.5% at three years. At six months follow up BLSG patients had a significantly higher %EWL than SLSG (61.3±22.8 % vs 48±15.2%; respectively, p=0.02). There were no significant difference between BLSG & SLSG as regards % EWL at later intervals ( 12 months= 83.4±21.8% vs 87±12%, 18 months= 93.8±17.9% vs 91.2±18%, 2 years= 91.9±9.2% vs 89.1±21%, 3 years= 92.5±9.8% vs 90.2±14%)


BLSG was found to be potentially safe, feasible, and effective when compared to SLSG.