It has been shown that overweight adults drink more SSBs than those who are underweight or at a normal weight, and those adults have a higher overall caloric intake and also a higher consumption of solid foods along with SSBs, although little research has been done specifically examining the types of beverages consumed by older adults with overweight or obesity.


Overweight older adults were recruited from the local community. Participants completed 3-day dietary records and the BevQ15 to assess consumption of various beverages over the past month. Ounces and calories consumed were calculated utilizing the BevQ results. SPSS was utilized to explore descriptive statistics.


Consumption of sugar-sweetened coffee provided the largest sources of calories from beverages by older adults providing a mean added calories of 180 per day. Thirty-six percent of of participants reported consuming sugar-sweetened coffee at least 1x per day, with 21. 2% consuming 2+ times per day. Fifty-eight percent drank milk never or less than 1x per week, whereas 74% reported drinking soda never or less than 1x week . Beer, wine and energy drinks was consumed never or less than 1x week by 79%, 89%, and 94% respectively.


Calories from sugar-sweetened coffee drinks may be significantly contributing to obesity and overweight in older adults. Interventions may focus on reducing specific types of beverages consumed in this priority population. Additional nutrition education around the benefits of dairy consumption may be warranted in older adults.